I already feel more energised and clear about what I want and how to get it - gary has such a great energy and he has helped me remove all my fears and move towards my dreams

Cat Meadley

Meeting and working with gary was informative - intuitive - and heart felt. He is capable - and a sweetheart, If you are looking for support you are in great hands

Phillip Proark

After not being able to fly on a plane for 4 years, Gary cured my phobia in only one session. I don’t know how to thank him enough for changing my life!!!

Tanya Sklar

You have an amazing skill - FACT! - Everyone who is considering working with you should just do it! I haven't looked back, BEST appointment I have EVER made! I'm still me, but I have found I am doing things I wouldn't have dreamt I had the confidence to do before! I love life right now

Tania Cullen

I am still astounded by the results 
Two of life's biggest challenges - GONE

Paul Baker
Olivier Award Winner

I have only
A few words - Brilliant- Just brilliant

Harriet Thorpe
Absolutely fabulous, Brittass Empire

Gary genuinely is a life coach, he transformed me physically and mentally, the results are outstanding

Dominic Treadwell-Collins
BBC Executive Producer, BAFTA winner

I love working with Gary. He really helped me to remove my life long fears in no time at all. Gary showed me how to break free from my limiting beliefs, get rid of them, destroy them' and the results have been AMAZING

Su Marie
Fashion Designer

I had the best session ever to remove my dentist phobia, I would say unbelievable results, but I was there so the results are believable and astounding and life changing, thank you so much Gary. All of my panic and fear has dissipated and I am left feeling calm, positive and energised. Tried to call the dentist to make an appointment this afternoon, but got the voice mail as they closed. Never mind, I am not put off, I will call on Monday and book myself in for an overdue check up and try not to laugh too much whilst I’m in the chair

Louise Clift
Change Works

I recently had one of Gary’s breakthrough sessions, and it genuinely has changed my life. In one session! Working as a performer and also as a celebrity agent in a fast paced city like London means we all get lost in work and stress. Gary's approach is relaxed, sensitive, friendly, fun and also practical. Before I knew it I had conquered life long gremlins in an hour, we were up on our feet fighting through my mental blocks, self-criticism and silly beliefs we all start to believe about ourselves which hold us back. Since my session I have felt I can conquer anything, work to live my dream, and generally feel in control of my life. This isn't like any coaching I've experienced. It felt relaxing, natural, positive, and Gary is one of those people who you can tell anything too and he understands. I cannot wait for the next session. I cannot recommend this highly enough! As Nike say "Just do it!"

Chris Dennis
ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent Finalist