Karen McCormick

Non-Executive Director

Gary is exceptional and quite unique in the work he does. To describe him simply as a coach understates his true gifts. He has the ability to create lasting change in individuals and where businesses need to unlock their commercial performance through their people and their motivation, Gary is equipped to make this shift happen. Gary's approach as an individual along with his vast capabilities and techniques delivers success for the long term. I would recommend him to any individual or business leader to bring about change.


Brian Winterfeldt

Co-Leader of the Global Brand Management & Internet Practice at Mayer Brown

Gary is an excellent Executive Coach. I had several sessions with him and found him to be incredibly insightful and able to focus on a wide-range of issues to help give you the tools to continue to grow as a professional and excel by overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend him for a small issue or to grapple with larger issues that may be impeding your growth as a professional or company.


Tony Machale

Bafta Award winning writer and Producer

Gary is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. I really enjoy working with him and he's the sort of person you can count on, he's honest, hard working and professional. My advice is to book him now.



Deborah Cooper

Partner, Board & Head of Financial Services. The Miles Partnership

Gary, is an outstanding Executive Coach and a talented, inspiring leader. He was strongly recommended to me as someone who is highly trained and passionate about what he does which I’ve not always seen in the coaching world . I’ve found that Gary’s expertise as a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and trained Coach to be a powerful combination when looking to drive sustainable, high performance without compromising personal values and goals His coaching has been invaluable when transitioning recently into my new role and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gary, indeed I already have!


Russell Jowett

Owner Russell Jowett Commercial Property Finance Ltd

Gary did an explosive and wonderfully uplifting and informative one day coaching master class for us. We are launching a new Life Coaching business and Gary gave us all an unbelievably powerful insight into some of the tools needed for a Life Coach. We will be establishing a longer term relationship with his as a result.

Dr Joney De Souza

Dr. Joney De Souza

Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine Doctor at Dr Joney De Souza Medical Practice, Harley St.

The work of Gary Amers as an Executive Coach drove my business to a higher level, by establishing a clear strategy and, above all, shifting my way of thinking. Gary assisted me in approaching the business from a very structured and clear manner, allowing me to define strategies to deal with each of them, according to priority and in a very comprehensive timeframe. He also guided me in producing a development plan for my professional skill, in line with the business.


Dominic Treadwell-Collins

Executive Producer of Eastenders BBC1

Gary genuinely is a Coach -  I would wholeheartedly recommend Gary to anyone.

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Russell Vanstone

Technical Director, Erosphos Ltd

Perfection. Gary Amers helped me overcome a lifetime of hell living with obsessive compulsive disorder, and many personal issues; I have grown as a person and into the person I want to be, not the person I thought I should be. The business coaching, well, we have grown substantially as a team and as a business, with increased turn-over, profitability, drive, efficient practices and excellence all round. Gary, you are truly remarkable at what you do and you've allowed us to grow our dream.



English Actress, Emmy Award winner

Gary made me realise that I had a fear of failure, and it’s something we all go through.


Jason Gardiner

ITV’s honest judge and presenter

If any of you need help overcoming anything in you life - then contact the inspirational Gary Amers. Sometimes we all need help overcoming life’s self perceived limitations. Thank you for giving me back my clarity!



ITV’s Coronation Street

Gary is a life changer. His sessions are magical and inspiring - so much so that I feel I’ve lost the ability to be negative.


Daniel Koek

Leading Man, Jean valjean, Les Miserables

His work re-aligned my negative thinking into the positive states & most importantly he finally removed my fear (a killer in entertainment industry) allowing me to fulfill my creative & artistic goals.


Philip Foster

CEO of the Philip Foster Company.

Gary has been one of life's greatest gifts. With his extraordinary intuition, gentleness and great sense of humour Gary makes life's obstacles genuinely easy to overcome and I am forever grateful.

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La Voix

ITV's Britains got talent finalist

I recently had a coaching session with Gary and it genuinely has changed my life. In one session!  I have felt I can conquer anything, work to live my dream, and generally feel in control of my life.


Su Marie

Fashion Designer

I Love working with Gary. He showed me how to break free from my life long, limiting beliefs, get rid of them, destroy them' and the results have been AMAZING.

Elizabeth Rankich

Elizabeth Rankich

Digital Business Consultant, Freelancing

I've now experienced Gary as a personal coach one-on-one, at a small event, at a large event and also on video. His drive towards getting results for his clients/audience is exemplary. He is uncompromising in his focus and dedication to every single person he works with. He is consistently captivating and he immerses himself fully to get you results because he cares. I highly recommend to book some time with Gary if you ready to make some very needed shifts in your life.


Jette Blok

Managing Director at FirmaYoga

My recommendation is short. After having experienced Gary at a network lecture on life and business as a entrepreneur, I sensed that I needed more. I needed him 1:1. Everybody needs Gary to provide a push, to light the mind up, to bring awareness to what matters in life - and to provide at show, that there is so much more, if only we allow ourself to be that prize - and shine on. This is not about business alone. This is about you, your business, the way you respond to the World - and the way you change the World. I give my warmest recommendations.


Daniel Winterfeldt

Partner, US Securities and International Capital Markets, Reed Smith LLP; Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at CMS

Working with Gary has transformed my professional performance as well as my physical and mental well being- he really delivers! He has a real gift of working with others and unlocking their potential.

Henriette Weber

Henriette Weber

Senior Global Digital Lead at Sustainia

Gary did two presentations around blockages and psychology for me because of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Denmark. He even did them in one day! The first presentation was for a female leadership group of 25 people in Helsingør, Denmark where he lifted the whole group to think bigger thoughts about themselves and elevate their businesses. The second presentation was for 60 women in Copenhagen around elevating themselves when they work in technology and as entrepreneurs. Both presentations where amazing. I think doing presentations on executive coaching is the hardest thing. Especially since people in the audience already have met coaches and have had coaching presentations. But Gary impressed everyone in the audience! He exceeded my expectations in every way. Gary is spot on, wise, funny and speaks deep complicated subjects thought metaphors and stories from his life as an executive coach and actor. The combination of coaching and acting has made him one of the best speakers in my book. He even took time to listen to some of the personal stories from the audience and he was so present at all times. He didn't leave when he was done talking, He wasn't in a rush to get out. He was simply present and a huge gift to me, Geek Girl Magazine, and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Gary has my very (VERY) best recommendation


Louise Clift

Hypnotherapist (Ericksonian) at The Change Works

Gary is brilliant. Not only does he put you at ease, he really listens too. He completley understoon and 'got' my situation. The hypnotherapy session not only worked (amazing results for a phobia) but the NLP session had me crying with laughter too. Can't recommend this gentleman highly enough.