Gary Amers Method

Gary Amers

Hello and welcome to The Gary Amers Method. if you are looking to make a massive change in your life, your relationships or business, The Gary Amers Method is for you. All of my programs are exclusive, and cannot be found anywhere else. 

The Gary Amers Method is an elite coaching and therapeutic platform with one mission- to transform the lives of all its clients. Under one roof I offer Life Coaching services, Clinical Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Relationship Education, NLp and many more techniques, giving my clients everything they need to be able to move forward in their personal and professional lives. 

About Gary

Gary Amers was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the 80's. Enduring poverty, conflict and years of bullying, low self esteem took what was left of his childhood, and a negative outlook was installed. This attitude led him to addictions, bankruptcy, homelessness and dysfunctional relationships.

"I remember thinking - what is the point? why am I such a loser? pretty soon everybody is going to realise I am such a loser".

He has worked with major TV and Film celebrities, Sportsmen, Royalty, and normal folk- as he considers himself to be. His endless list of testimonials give praise to his talent and skill in creating powerful results in peoples lives. 

His Love for uplifting and entertaining others pulled him through and after being coached and mentored, he saw how powerful this wonderful process had on peoples lives. Gone are the days of self sabotage, conflict, depression and failure, he is now considered one of the top Life coaches in the U.K. and uses his past as a powerful lesson in growth and understanding human emotions. His extraordinary insight and intuition is unquestionable, and he continues to uplift, inspire, and take people from all walks of life- forward, helping them understand that a mind set can be changed. Dreams are waiting to be lived- when you "Get out of your own way". Using powerful Tools from NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and his own unique tool-set, change is now just around the corner for anyone with a desire to leave their past behind.